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Identifying your Requirements

You may have a clear idea of the milking solution you need, but our dairy experts are ready to help identify ways to bring greater efficiency to the milking process, increasing yields and milk quality to drive your profits in a challenging market.

We undertake the whole process, involving ground works and building, to the supply and installation of a milking parlour, milk handling and storage systems and ancillary equipment.

The first task is to scope your requirements.  We then draft proposals and designs supported by detailed CAD drawings, and once accepted, our trained engineers manage the installation, providing all necessary support throughout the project.

Depending on the scale of your operation a number of options are available, and as a leading DeLaval dealer we ensure  you not only get the right solution, but also benefit from the best equipment in the market offering reliability and a long service life.

We have a skilled service and maintenance team ready to support you on site. Of course, milking is only part of a well-managed dairy business and
T H WHITE can advise on and supply slurry handling systems, cooling and ventilation system, bulk milk tanks with cooling and refrigeration, bulk feed storage solutions, as well as all types of dairy equipment, parts and consumables.


Milking Equipment & Services

T H WHITE is a main dealer for DeLaval, a world-class manufacturer of milking parlours and dairy equipment, not only for cows but also for milking sheep and goats.

Depending on the size of your herd and how you wish to milk, you could choose a simple or herringbone parlour in a wide range of configurations. To make milking manageable it’s important to have sufficient capacity, also allowing for expansion.  For large-scale dairy farming, where hundreds of cows need to be milked regularly with minimal human labour, a rotary parlour with automatic access and egress may be the best solution.

Even on a smaller scale, new technologies are heralding a huge improvement in milking efficiency and welfare, freeing time for dairy farmers to concentrate on other aspects or to enjoy life! Robotic, voluntary milking systems allow the cows to be milked when they want to be, while associated software will monitor yields and identify any issues or problems.

Whatever type of installation, T H WHITE will take care of all milking parlour needs, electrical installations, milk tanks, cooling and refrigeration and slurry management. For the ultimate in cow comfort T H WHITE can install megafans in your cow sheds. These large, slow rotation fans are low on energy consumption and stir the air at just the right rate to maintain an optimal temperature and freshness – important factors in helping cows to contentment and higher yields.

Chemicals such as dips are also an essential part of dairy hygiene, and as well as supplying cost-effective ranges T H WHITE helps farmers to comply with directives by offering a chemical drum disposal service.

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