Contact us to find out more about our wide range of exceptional products for all slurry applications – from leading major manufacturers including:

Bauer – a leader in outstanding technological developments with system solutions for liquid manure

Tramspread  – manufacturer of wide ranging slurry handling equipment including umbilical and tanker applicators, hose reels and pump units

Mastek – high-quality slurry solutions including reels, dribble bars and pumps.

Vogelsang  – for efficient liquid manure spreading and liquid manure management

Storth – experts in slurry management equipment

Hi Spec – known for their design, manufacturing and maintenance of high quality, innovative and reliable machinery for use throughout the agricultural industry

Permastore – GFtS tanks & silos for slurry storage, on and off farm biogas production, storage of livestock feed such as haylage, maize and high moisture grains, and bulk solid storage

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Bauer Slurry Technology   Bauer manufactures equipment for the slurry chain from start to end, from mixing and pumping, to separating, transporting and distributing in the field. Bauer create efficient,…

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Tramspread Digestate and Slurry Handling Equipment   Tramspread manufacture a wide range of slurry handling equipment including umbilical and tanker applicators, hose reels and pump units, all thoroughly tried and…

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Mastek Slurry Technology   Mastek is a leading Irish manufacturer of high-quality slurry solutions including reelers, dribble bars, tanker applicators, separators and pumps.  The team based in Co. Cavern, pride…

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Vogelsang Slurry Technology   Wherever liquid manure is used in agriculture, it is essential to distribute this organic fertiliser precisely and with minimal loss and emissions. It is therefore best…

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Storth Slurry Handling Equipment   Storth are a leading manufacturer of slurry handling equipment in the UK. When it comes to slurry, Storth have developed a range of equipment to…

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Hi Spec

Hi Spec Muck and Slurry Equipment   Hi Spec equipment is built using high quality materials and components - robust, reliable and easy to maintain, it is designed to improve…

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Permastore Slurry Storage   Permastore manufacture and supply premium modular bolted Glass-Fused-to-Steel, Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated and Stainless Steel containment storage solutions. For agriculture, Permastore GFtS tanks & silos are…

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