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DeLaval’s DelPro is the ultimate integrated farm management platform keeping you in control of your Dairy Farming!

DeLaval has launched a new edition of its DelPro software, together with an associated app, DelPro Companion. Working in unison, these monitor your herd’s well-being 24-hours a day, bringing together the data needed to make decisions relating to performance, feeding, health, milking and reproduction. Being able to view all this in one tidy application for a mobile device allows you to maintain complete control of your farm and your herd from literally anywhere in the world.


DelPro Benefits

Animal Welfare – DelPro has the ability to identify an animal becoming ill at an early stage and preventing her and other cows in the herd from becoming really sick.

Food Safety – You have full control over your cows feed ration throughout the different states of lactation.  DelPro is designed to allow you to set a controlled strategy and implement it for differing days in milk, production level, or lactation number.  And the system can divert milk automatically in a given milking cycle.

Profitability – A closer focus on animal health drives productivity.  DelPro helps align efficient feeding with reproduction goals and expected yields.  Each cow is treated as an individual with a focus on milking permission to help her meet her potential.

Work efficiency – DelPro manages work flows to ensure efficient performance.  It allows you to analyse milk production and reproduction data to explore the effect on monthly production levels through these changes. The interface is easy to navigate with comprehensive downloadable reports.

Performance is about running a profitable dairy farm and that not only encompasses production, reproduction, animal health and feeding but also the productivity of the miking equipment.  DelPro takes care of this by intuitive monitoring of your VMS to ensure optimal performance that identifies where you have the potential to harvest more kgs of milk in a 24 hour period.

And now the DelPro Companion offers all this on the move!

So save time, claim back more freedom and use the data and knowledge to make smart decision with DelPro.

DelPro Companion is available to download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

T H WHITE Dairy and Delaval have been working in partnership for years to recognise the challenges dairy farmers face, from managing animal welfare to food safety, profitability and work efficiency.  Whether you have 1 VMS or 60, DeLaval has built a farm management solution to cater for any productivity goal.

For more information, talk to T H WHITE’s Dairy Specialists today.

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