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Mastek is a leading Irish manufacturer of high-quality slurry solutions including reelers, dribble bars, tanker applicators, separators and pumps.  The team based in Co. Cavern, pride themselves in suppling slurry applicators to fit any make of tanker.  T H WHITE supply and support products from the Mastek range including:

  • Mastek Umbilical Dribble Bar
  • Mastek Slurry Tanker Dribble Bar
  • Mastek Slurry Tanker Trailing Shoe
  • Mastek Hose Reelers
  • Mastek SuperCut Macerator

The most popular model is the 7.5m Professional Universal Dribble Bar weighing in at only 450kg.  The machine simply replaces the slurry tankers existing door, resulting in a quick and easy fit with customers not having to upgrade their tanker to one with brackets. The machine features sprung break away and stone trap as standard.

The second machine in the line up is the company’s vertical fold dribble bar known as the Hybrid Dribble Bar. This machine can feature 3 or 4 point linkage or can be bolted to the chassis of any suitable tanker.  It is available in widths of 10 or 12m and features hydraulic accumulator break away and a junction box on the rear to allow for easy filling.

Mastek also make a Micro and a Eco trailing shoe which are 7.5 and 9.2m working width respectively.  This is popular with customers looking to spread slurry onto longer grass. These machines are fixed to the tanker using fixed brackets and features a clever sequencing valve which unfolds the arms then tilts them to the ground all on the same hydraulic circuit. The company offer what they refer to as a “junction box” as standard which allows filling points to be fitted to the rear of the trailing shoe.

Mastek specialists fit their own award winning “SuperCut” and “Micro SuperCut” macerators to their range of dribble bars and trailing shoes which are designed to handle long fibre and debris by using 6 unique V-shaped cutting discs to shear long fibre and plastic. Each hose outlet has a one-way air valve, which gives an even flow and helps to prevent blockages. Examples of these in operation, include machines working on farms using sand bedding.  Although these customers may see increased wear, the overall lifetime of parts is very impressive compared to other macerators available on the market.

For more details, get in touch with our Slurry Specialist, Brandon.

To find out more about our full range of slurry equipment, please contact our Slurry specialist Brandon Wilcox on 07850 301575

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