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T H WHITE is the main DeLaval dealer for North Somerset, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire. DeLaval is the leading specialist in dairy equipment milking technologies, with over 125 years of innovation and experience in the dairy business. T H WHITE supports dairy farmers by tailoring solutions to help them manage their farms with decision-making tools and automated technologies to yield better quality milk and higher profits.

E100 rotary parlour

  DeLaval E100 Rotary from milking equipment specialists The latest-generation rotary milking system from DeLaval, the E100, is not just a rotary, but a full system with more information, more…

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DeLaval’s VMS 310

  VMS 300 & 310 Voluntary Milking Systems from T H WHITE At the forefront of innovation, the DeLaval VMS robotic milking system exploits a cow’s natural behaviour cycle of…

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DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush

  Cow comfort with DeLaval’s swinging cow brush Contented cows are productive cows and nothing makes a cow happier than the DeLaval Swinging Cow brush. Just watch the animals as…

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AirWash Plus

Airwash Plus Award-winning Dip and Rinse Milking system compatible with ANY CLUSTER and ANY LINER The only award-winning system on the market today Reduces milking time and costs Fits on…

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DeLaval DelPro & Companion App

  DeLaval's DelPro is the ultimate integrated farm management platform keeping you in control of your Dairy Farming! DeLaval has launched a new edition of its DelPro software, together with…

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OptiDuo Robotic Feeder

  DeLaval's OptiDuo Robotic Feeder DeLaval’s development engineers don’t only focus on milking – the whole dairy cycle is just as important. The OptiDuo™ is a new robotic feed pusher…

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Conventional Milking Equipment

  DeLaval Parlour Systems from milking equipment specialists DeLaval offers a range of parallel, rotary and herringbone parlours that are adapted to your dairy's needs. The new P500 parallel parlour…

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P500 Parallel Parlour

  DeLaval P500 Parallel System from milking equipment specialists   The DeLaval P500 represents the most significant evolution of parallel parlours. It is more than just a series of little…

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Permastore Slurry Storage   Permastore manufacture and supply premium modular bolted Glass-Fused-to-Steel, Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated and Stainless Steel containment storage solutions. For agriculture, Permastore GFtS tanks & silos are…

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Hi Spec

Hi Spec Muck and Slurry Equipment   Hi Spec equipment is built using high quality materials and components - robust, reliable and easy to maintain, it is designed to improve…

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Storth Slurry Handling Equipment   Storth are a leading manufacturer of slurry handling equipment in the UK. When it comes to slurry, Storth have developed a range of equipment to…

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Vogelsang Slurry Technology   Wherever liquid manure is used in agriculture, it is essential to distribute this organic fertiliser precisely and with minimal loss and emissions. It is therefore best…

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Mastek Slurry Technology   Mastek is a leading Irish manufacturer of high-quality slurry solutions including reelers, dribble bars, tanker applicators, separators and pumps.  The team based in Co. Cavern, pride…

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Tramspread Digestate and Slurry Handling Equipment   Tramspread manufacture a wide range of slurry handling equipment including umbilical and tanker applicators, hose reels and pump units, all thoroughly tried and…

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Bauer Slurry Technology   Bauer manufactures equipment for the slurry chain from start to end, from mixing and pumping, to separating, transporting and distributing in the field. Bauer create efficient,…

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