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DeLaval’s OptiDuo Robotic Feeder

DeLaval’s development engineers don’t only focus on milking – the whole dairy cycle is just as important. The OptiDuo™ is a new robotic feed pusher with a twin-spiralled rotating auger which allows feed to be remixed and repositioned without damaging or crushing the roughage before being delivered close to the feed barrier, giving the cows greater access to the refreshed feed.

The OptiDuo can be programmed to work around the clock meaning that cows have access to feed 24 hours a day. This allows heifers and lower ranked cows the same opportunity to feed, with less stress and competition, as dominant cows in the herd; which in turn leads to higher intakes, resulting in more milk in the tank. Different settings can be made for different groups, for example lactating cow feed or young-stock feed.

DeLaval calculates that with the OptiDuo feed intake can be increased by up to 10 per cent with less wastage, providing the cows with a well-mixed diet to help to ensure maximum dry matter intake and minimise feed sorting. The cows can then spend more time resting and ruminating.

OptiDuo has been designed with simple maintenance in mind. There are few parts that need to be changed, and no requirement for greasing.

Come and view the OptiDuo in action.  Speak to T H WHITE’s Dairy specialists today.

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