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DeLaval P500 Parallel System from milking equipment specialists


The DeLaval P500 represents the most significant evolution of parallel parlours. It is more than just a series of little changes – it represents a whole new approach to the task of moving your cows calmly, quickly and efficiently through the milking process, with features including:

  • DeLaval SynchroArc™
  • DeLaval SynchroSweep™
  • DeLaval SynchroControl™



  • Better indexing of mixed herds
  • Less vertical space requirements
  • Greater clearance for cows at exit

So much more than a neck rail, DeLaval SynchroArc has been designed to promote free cow flow, maximizing your throughput; better indexing to help you increase the efficiency of your milking routines; all with a smaller footprint and less vertical space requirements to minimize installation costs and to make retrofitting far simpler for most farms.



  • Encourages cows to leave the milking platform using an animal-friendly method
  • Reduces stress on cows and components by being removed during milking
  • No sequence gate posts in the floor

With our new DeLaval SynchroSweep, we have brought our years of stalling engineering experience to make sure cows move as quickly, calmly and efficiently as possible through every DeLaval Parlor P500.



  • Configurable controls for three different management styles: All Exit/All Index, All Exit/Gang Index, Gang Exit/Gang Index
  • Controls provide feedback to the user to ensure proper operation
  • Customizable control settings

With DeLaval SynchroControl everything is at your fingertips – more information, more automation and more functionality. This new technology means your parlour can be operated safely, comfortably and by fewer people.

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