1st November 2020

Although we are entering the coldest months of the year, it doesn’t take much stretch of the memory to recall the blisteringly hot summer with air temperatures regularly exceeding 30 degrees.

If anything, summers in the UK are predicted to get even hotter, so although cooling may not be at the top of your concerns right now, it’s the right time to start thinking about cow shed ventilation.

It’s a fact that cool cows are productive cows. The more cows eat, the more milk they produce. But when temperatures rise above 22°C (72°F), cows begin to experience heat stress and lose their appetite. Reduced feed intake means lower milk yield and also decreases pregnancy rates. An effective ventilation system should help to reduce heat stress, increase yield, and clear the air in your barn.

A key element in good barn ventilation is an effective fan system. Dairy farmer Hugh Miles from Witham Friary, Somerset, decided to get ahead of the game in order to keep his cows cool this summer by installing barn fans before the heat started to rise. 

Last year the T H WHITE Dairy Department installed two DeLaval V310 voluntary milking units at Hugh’s farm and he contacted our Dairy specialists again for advice on the cooling systems.

“The T H WHITE team carried out a survey in the shed and, with input from DeLaval, they worked out the best configuration of fans and positioning to achieve maximum airflow,” said Hugh. “We went for 12 DeLaval DDF1200 fans which were installed in April.

“Soon after that the temperatures were nudging 33 or 34 degrees, but the cows didn’t have to go out in the sun. Instead, they stayed in the shed where the fans ensured they remained cool and comfortable. It wasn’t just the cows that benefitted – it was a lot more comfortable for our people too!”

The unique frame design of the DeLaval dairy farm DDF1200 helps to push air-stream further, achieving a greater cooling effect with less energy than conventional fans. The highly efficient IE3 electrical motors, coupled with the ability to alter blade configurations to suit different airflow requirements, deliver the right balance of efficiency and performance. The durable, corrosion-resistant fan is both easy to install and easy to maintain.

“The fans have certainly proved their worth,” Hugh added. “The cool atmosphere in the shed through the summer resulted in an increased yield of around 1½ litres of milk per cow per day.”

The benefits are clear. If you are planning to keep your cows cool next summer, now is the time to think about DeLaval dairy fans. As well as supplying the fans, T H WHITE can take care of all the installation for you with an integrated system that  regulates performance to suit conditions and keep your running costs to a minimum.