1st June 2020

DeLaval Prima Plus is a highly efficient teat dip incorporating a well balanced blend of two active ingredients, hydrogen peroxide and salicylic acid for a broad disinfecting spectrum. It is especially designed to be used in automatic spraying systems, but can also be dipped. The DART technology boosts the efficacy of the dual actives, causing them to be rapidly effective at low levels, thus remaining gentle to teats. Available in 20l, 60l, 200l and 1,000l.

DeLaval PeraDis is a broad spectrum disinfectant proven  to be effective against FMDV (Foot and Mouth Disease Virus), environmental bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, thermo-resistant bacteria and viruses. Based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid, it can be used as a food area disinfectant (liners, clusters, bulk tanks, milk pipelines) and is particularly effective as a boot wash. It can also be used at up to 60-70 deg C.

Both these chemicals are available in 20l containers at just £40 ex-VAT until 31 August – from our Dairy departments.