Farm Support for Bacterial Control

26th June 2023

As the mercury rises outside, bacteria find it easier to grow. The American Department of Agriculture states that bacteria grow more rapidly when temperatures rise above 4 °C (anywhere warmer than a fridge); sometimes doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes.

The Delaval Farmer Footbath (Part No 86806901) helps you keep unwanted bacteria on the outside of the barn. This perfectly sized footbath allows reduced use of disinfectant thanks to the foam in the tray. Tray depth allows the whole foot to be covered in disinfectant and the imaginatively shaped sides minimise disinfectant splashing. This solution offers improved disinfection rates when compared to regular mats. Tested and approved for use together with Delaval Peradis disinfectant solution; an environmentally friendly concentrated liquid sanitiser.

Both available now from your T H WHITE mobile dairy shop salesperson, or your usual rep.

All prices quoted are without VAT