Formashield – a natural solution for SCCs working well for Keepers Lodge Farm.

16th April 2024

Unique to DeLaval, Formashield is a natural, non iodine disinfectant offering exceptional value for money. 

Rob Prichard is a second generation dairy farmer, now running Keepers Lodge farm with his father Clive in the lovely village of Llanishen in Monmouthshire, where they have 200 milkers, followers and some beef stock in addition to farming 700 acres growing maize and potatoes. They also run a very successful clay pigeon shoot. We caught up with Rob just after his morning milking, to ask about the benefits he’s had after a move to Formashield teat treatment.

He said “Last year, we were looking to change our disinfectant product as we were struggling with cell counts. Paul Sadler, our T H WHITE mobile shop salesperson suggested we try Formashield as it was a brand new and natural product which he thought might help”.


“After the conversation with Paul and giving Formashield a go, we’ve been on it since the beginning of November 2023 and we are now using our third 200 litre drum. I love buying a concentrate as you’re not paying for water which makes a nice change in this industry! Although the product needs to be diluted before use, there is a mixing machine available which makes the mixing a lot easier by diluting and blending the product perfectly. We went with the machine rather than hand mixing to ensure the accuracy of every batch. It made sense as it means we don’t have to worry about it”.


Rob added “The consistency is good too, it works well when going through the teat sprayer as it’s not too thick, although we get good, visible coverage on all the teats. I’m really happy with the bright orange colour because I can see which cows have been treated regardless of who does the milking without having to go into the barn.


Based on naturally occurring formic acid, Formashield is a teat dip or spray that can be used for both traditional parlours and robots; is suitable for all spraying conditions and for pre and post milking usage. It offers excellent skin conditioning qualities and superior sprayability, great coverage and is also bright orange making it clearly visible on treated teats.

Rob continues “Formashield is working fine for us, I’m happy with the change. Our bacterial scans have improved which is why we made the move. White cell counts where touching 200 before we moved over and since then we are more like 170 average. Skin condition on the teats has also improved. You don’t mind buying a product if you can see results, and this has been good for the farm”.

Buy a 20 litre Formashield from T H WHITE and get the cost discounted from a 200 litre or IBC.

Talk to your mobile shop salesperson or call T H WHITE dairy here to make the move to Formashield.