1st September 2020


Iobac is an iodine based teat disinfectant that can be used before and after milking.  It offers protection against a broad spectrum of mastitis causing micro-organisms.

• Containing 1500 ppm iodine in ready to use solution

• Excellent disinfecting properties

• Formulated with pH close to teat skin

• Available in concentrated or read to use solution

20 Litres: £29 + VAT


A chlorinated alkaline cleaning product for milking and cooling  equipment that effectively removes milk residues. 

An effective cleaning routine will contribute to a premium milk quality and reduce the risk of bacteria growth in the milking installation.

• Alkalinity to address fat

• Chlorine to remove protein residues 

• For use in alkaline dominant routines or alternate cleaning routines

• Effective in soft to medium water conditions

20 Litres: £15 + VAT

From your T H WHITE Dairy branch or your local van sales rep.