28th April 2021

Anthony Bown’s dairy farm, where he maintains a herd of 310 cows, sits high on the Mendips near Wells. 

“There’s no shortage of wind up here,” he says, “so it’s probably the last place you would think might suffer from poor ventilation. And yet I had noticed that the cows were becoming agitated. They were bunching in waiting areas and experiencing heat and stress, and were not comfortable in the bedding cubicles either.”

The importance of optimal climate control in cow sheds is becoming much better understood; a cool cow is a happy cow, and a happy cow is a productive cow. Fresh air and heat control in the cow shed, especially in hot weather, can make a significant difference to herd welfare and milk yields.

The problem at Anthony Bown’s farm was not so much the passage of air through the shed, but the need to achieve good circulation and cooling at lower levels. This is where the T H WHITE Dairy division were able to apply their knowledge of available equipment across the market to deliver a cost-effective solution.

Many dairy fans are designed to draw air in one direction through the shed, but T H WHITE proposed the installation of three CMP Vertigo fans. These innovative self-contained units can be tilted as required from 0° to 90° to direct the air exactly where it’s most needed, keeping the cows cool and stress-free whatever the prevailing conditions. Gearless technology, allied to quality manufacturing, means that the Vertigo fans are quiet in operation, low on maintenance and thrifty on energy consumption.

Suitable for a single-phase or three-phase power supply, the fans feature on-board motor control for speed control and safety. The aluminium blades have been designed for efficiency, generating outstanding airflow, volume and velocity throughout the speed range.

With the three CMP Vertigo fans now installed, Anthony can be confident that his cows can remain relaxed through the hot weather to come this summer. The installation is an example of the T H WHITE dairy team’s ability to deliver the right solution to a particular set of problems at the right price with an eye to future running costs.

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