New P100 parallel parlour system from DeLaval

2nd August 2021

Two key things that farmers with smaller dairy units are looking for are ease of milking and efficiency. With that in mind, the new DeLaval P100 Parlour has been specifically designed for family farms and grassland customers.

The new DeLaval Parlour P100 delivers a smoother milking process using fewer resources and offering the right level of automation for each individual dairy farm. Combining a simple and efficient sequential bailing parlour with a conventional exit system means that the P100 parlour is easy to install and will fit into existing buildings as a retrofit installation. With 1×3 to 2×40 options, designing a P100 to fit your space is easy.

P100 DeLaval Cows stand at 90 degrees to the operator and the new straight rump rail provides excellent visibility of the cows during milking from the wide aisle.

Whether you’re looking for a swing-over midi-line or a double equipped low-line parlour, the P100 is optimized for ease of operation and milker comfort. Compatible with state-of-the-art DeLaval Evanza™ clusters, system connected InParlour Feeding and advanced DeLaval milk extraction technology, a P100 parlour will extract more milk in less time with less stressful routines for milkers.

DeLaval EasyFlow™ features a wide entry and double exit, enabling cows to move smoothly through the P100. With its adjustable breastrail and sequence gates clearly defining the space for each cow, parlour loading is seamless, so your cows stay comfortable and relaxed.

For more information on the logical, straightforward DeLaval P100 parlour, contact the T H WHITE Dairy team on 01373 465941 (Frome), or 01452 830303 (Huntley).