Slurry is easier with a robot

18th July 2023

DeLaval robot scraper RS450S

The DeLaval robot scraper gets into corners that manual scrapers can’t, so you can say goodbye to your shovel, and hello to a clean, healthy barn.

The robot scraper works around the clock to clean manure from right under your cows’ feet, so you can be sure you’re doing the best job to manage their hoof health, even while you’re sleeping. The fully updated robot scraper is packed with features that help improve the hygiene of your barn. In every alley, in every corner, it cleans expertly and intelligently. Reaching Places Others Can’t
The RS450 makes a a great contribution to improving the hygiene in your barn. The robot cleans the different barn areas as and will deliver a clean environment and healthy hooves.

Working Smarter
With a cow friendly motion, low speed and range of movements, your cows will love the DeLaval scraper’s silent motor and low speed; and you can be sure you have a solution for clean slatted floors and healthy cows that won’t disturb your healthy, productive herd.

The Robot Scraper can be programmed to nearly any route you can imagine, on all type of slatted floors, so you can build a manure system that fits your barn – and not the other way around.

No more manual scraping or shovelling. Reduce your workload around the barn, so you can focus on what’s most important.

Talk to your T H WHITE rep or dairy van salesperson about our range of robotic slurry scrapers.