The story (so far) of a small red tractor

12th April 2024

Last week, T H WHITE Frome delivered a used tractor to its next proud owner.

This happens every day in our depots, so it’s not an unusual occurrence. 

The tractor that found its latest home last week is a JXU 105, a smallish red CASE IH machine first registered in 2010 that if you read the brochure that it originally came with, would say is suitable for general farm work and can be equipped with a loader.

Fourteen years ago the brand new 105 came into stock at T H WHITE Frome, where it was fitted with a front loader and bought by Clifford Rossiter, a beef farmer based in the lovely village of Laverton close to Frome town in Somerset. Clifford used our 105 to cut grass to make silage to feed his animals, then clear up the inevitable muck, tidy the yard and trim hedges around the farm.

Two years later, Clifford decided he needed a more powerful machine with greater horsepower, so he traded the 105 in with us for another CASE IH model, a JXU 115. Our 105 once again came into the Frome workshop. After a clean and good service, it was sold as a used tractor to David Horler from Radstock in Somerset to help run a 200ha organic farm growing wheat, barley and red clover and running a 50 cow suckler herd.

In addition to being a farmer, David is also the man behind the Tractor Ted range of children’s books, DVDs and gifts popular with young British children. The Tractor Ted brand is stocked in over 600 country shops in the UK and Ireland.

Our 105 helped with feeding the herd, making silage and many other jobs on the farm that still inspires the Tractor Ted stories.

David kept the little 105 for twelve years. Eventually, very recently, trading in for a shiny new CASE IH Maxxum 125, with an upgraded interior. Little 105 was back in the Frome workshop, ready for a good clean, a service and a brand-new home.

Last week, Emma Simpson, a traditional dairy farmer from Buckland Dinham, (also very close to Frome); who along with her husband and father keeps 120 milkers, bought the 105 to deliver feed, cut grass once again and keep the farm looking tidy. Emma and her two young daughters, Annabelle aged 4 and Jessica aged 8 are already delighted with their new tractor. Emma said “Annabelle is very attached to this new tractor, so much so that we’re thinking of having another seat fitted inside for her. She even helped me drive it earlier today”.

Although this tractor has been relied upon by three farmers, returning regularly to us for care and maintenance, it has only travelled a total distance of eight miles around the Frome area in Somerset.

Maybe it’s unusual to have such a close partnership with local farms, and even specific farm machinery like our little CASE 105, but at T H WHITE we prefer to do things differently; and this is not an unusual thing for us.

We don’t just sell tractors, we sell machines that become nurtured and perhaps even loved by the farmers who depend on them to support their families and businesses.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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