Don’t Push, Remix Feed with Optiduo™

23rd January 2024

Don’t just push feed, remix it with DeLaval OptiDuo™, DeLaval’s most advanced robotic feed pusher.

Instead of compressing feed, the robot remixes it – making it much more appetising for cows.

  • Dual-action: repositioning and refreshing feed automatically
  • Able to move big amounts of feed
  • Operates safely

Moving feed back onto the feeding table makes it more accessible to cows, but it doesn’t mean they will eat it.

Optiduo™ automated feed pusher remixes the feed, making it more appealing to cows, and then repositions it avoiding compaction; which means higher food consumption and more milk.

It also spreads feed evenly along the table. This leads to less sorting and a more even distribution, which means less stress for low ranked animals.

Optiduo™ is the ideal solution for farms operating a once-per-day feeding frequency.

Talk to Chris Newey at T H WHITE dairy about Optiduo™ on 07880 798 475 today.